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Fellow Enthusiasts, Close By

It's important for Northampton Neighbors to help members feel socially connected. One of the ways we’ve found to be most effective, as well as fun for all involved, is for members to form interest groups. Interest groups are a grassroots effort, spurred by members themselves.


These groups meet in homes or elsewhere: to discuss politics, work on knitting, share gardening tips, plan their next trip to the movies or arrange a hike on a local trail. We hope that you have interests you want to share.  Please call (413) 341-0160 or email: to learn more about joining an interest group or starting a new one.

THE KNITTING GROUP    Contact: Sally Popper (413) 727-8016

The knitting group meets once a month on the third Thursday of the month from 3-5 at Sally's house---unless otherwise advised.  Please check with Sally as occasionally it’s held at another member’s house. A reminder is sent out each month.

  Contact: David Arbeitman      (413) 313-5705


The Political Discussion Group meets on the second Friday in the month from 10 to 11:30 AM.  We circulate the meeting place among members.  Members with any point of view are welcome.

  Contact: Louis Popper  (413) 727-8016


Hikes are every week on Fridays throughout the year, mornings in warm weather, afternoons in cold weather.  We look for attractive trails less than 30-45 minutes' drive from Northampton.  We are, and want to stay, in pretty good condition for seniors. Typically, we go 2-4 miles on rolling hills or something steeper.  We avoid flat walks.


  Contact: Julie Abramson   (413) 585-0719


We meet monthly on a Friday at 10:30 including in the winter for discussion about garden and plant issues. There are around 10 people on the membership list; usually around 5 to 6 members attend. We'd love to have more people join us.

   Contact: Anne Benedict (413) 247-6138


Everyone loves to go to the movies! Monthly movie and after talk.  We encourage ride shares and lively discussions. Hope you can join us.

All of these groups would love more Member participation. Please don’t hesitate to email or give the contacts a call.


We welcome ideas for other Interest Groups. Why not start: a walking group, a bowling group, a book group, a bridge group, a games group, etc.? Please contact Anne Benedict or (413) 247-6138.