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With a Little Help from Northampton Neighbors

Our members enjoy a wide and growing variety of services and care, enabling them to remain in their homes and continue to enjoy their network of friends and activities.

Here are a few of the services we offer, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a special request. We may be able to help or suggest someone who can.

In-Home Services

□ Delivery of food/goods, carry in packages

□ Change hard to reach smoke and CO detectors

□ Small fixes like changing a bulb to big tasks like flipping a mattress

□ Occasional garden help     

□ Organize household items

□ Pet care, dog walking    □ Errands

□ Water plants and pick up mail while you’re away

□ Technical assistance: Set up phone, email, Skype, apps, electronic devices and smart speakers like Alexa and Echo. Program TV remotes and thermostats, organize files

Neighborly Visits (about an hour of social time)

□ Provide companionship and conversation

□ Offer respite for a caregiver

□ Read aloud from mail, newspapers or books


□ Phone check-in

□ Pre/post hospital stay visits

□ Medi-pal: take notes at the doctor                                                                                                                     


□ Rides to appointments, social events, meetings and book clubs as well as grocery shopping and errands.

In general, we do short trips around Northampton. You must be able to get in and out of a car without assistance.

"Northampton Neighbors have been marvelously responsive and friendly. Don't think that we could manage this injury without their help. Who knew we would need help so soon. Guess you can never predict. That’s why NN is so important.” -Ernst Liebman, NN Member

Services Northampton Neighbors Does Not Provide

  • Medical services, such as medication maintenance or medical transport assistance

  • Services to individuals who are bed-bound, frail or not ambulatory

  • Home repairs and services that require a licensed professional