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Northampton Neighbors launched its Speaker Series in October 2018.  Pre-COVID, we scheduled talks monthly between September and May; they were held at -- and co-sponsored by -- the Northampton Senior Center. Currently, we offer talks via ZOOM every other week. All speaker events were – and still are – free and open to anyone who would like to attend. 

Our in-person series included well attended presentations on sex and ice cream, sleep and balloons, birds and Northampton history, memory and filing systems, to name but a few. The ZOOM Speakers series has included an eclectic and entertaining mix of well-known authors talking about their books, an athlete talking about the law and celebrity, photographers and visionaries wowing us with beautiful images, an economist and hospital administrator talking about COVID's medical and financial fallouts, and those who specialize in the health of older people teaching us about how to care for others and ourselves. We are guided by a commitment to including topics of particular interest to older people and those intended for a broader audience.

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NN offers live transcription of the event so you can read along with the spoken word during the presentation.

Read on for our next speaker, as well as a list of past speakers.

Visit  NN Speaker Series/YouTube for recordings of the NN Speaker Series since May 2020

Northampton Neighbors seeks to provide information and resources that help all our neighbors age well, in place, and with dignity.
NN does not endorse nor recommend any commercial products, processes, or services.

The primary purpose of the Speaker Series is to educate, inform, and entertain.
The views, information, or opinions expressed are those of the presenter and not necessarily those of Northampton Neighbors.


On ZOOM since May 2020

Jennifer Restucci-Home Sweet Home: Keeping it Sweet as We Age, May 21, 2021
Home Modification Loan Program referenced but not named during the talk

Jane Lerner and Michael Kane-
Movement Voter Project: Grassroots Organizing and Electoral Power, May 7, 2021

Jennifer Taub-
Big Dirty Money:Making White Collar Criminals Pay, April 23, 2021

Howie Bryant-
The House Divided:Sports in a Polarized America April 9, 2021

Jeff Zesiger, MD-What the Heck is Palliative Care? March 26, 2021

Marshall Karpel-
mRNA, Proteins, and Lipids, Oh My! Making Sense of COVID and the Vaccines March 12, 2021

Douglas Amy-America:The Country that Democracy Left Behind February 26, 2021

Carrie Baker-
What Should We Do About the Supreme Court? February 12, 2021

Mark Peterson-
Taking Charge of Your End of Life Planning January 21, 2021
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NN SS PETERSON Prepare for your care

Clare Higgins
-Family in the Time of COVID January 8, 2021

Linda Desmond and Kathy Service-A Compassionate Care Approach for People Living with Dementia December 4, 2020

Tracy Kidder
-What I Try to Do as a Writer: Strength in What Remains November 13, 2020

Joe Gannon
-Red and Blue: Why Voting for Trump Is Not Always Hating Equality October 23, 2020

Mark Karpe
l-Like Nothing Else on Earth:Backyard Visionaries and Handmade Worlds October 9, 2020

Judy Dixon
-Facing Challenges: Racquet in Hand September 25, 2020

Katharine Baker
-My Journey: How One Woman Survived Stalin’s Gulag” by Olga Sliozberg
Translated by Katharine Baker September 11, 2020

Paul Shoul
-Photos from Here and There August 28, 2020

Dr. Rebecca Starr, Geriatrician-What I do and Why I do it August 14, 2020

Dr. Mary Young
-Aging on Your Own July 31, 2020

Judy Cockerton
-Intergenerational Living/The Treehouse Community July 17, 2020

Gerald Epstein
-The Good, the Bad and the Ugly June 19, 2020

Ellen Meeropol
-Her Sister's Tattoo June 5, 2020

Joan Marqusee
-Q&A with the CDHC CEO May 1, 2020

Visit our NN YouTube Channel for recordings of the NN Speaker Series since May 2020

Live at the Northampton Senior Center: 2018-February, 2020 

Cheri Cross
-Getting it Together

Tom Reney
-Why Duke Ellington Matters

Jonah Keane
-5 Years of Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary: A Natural Gem is Our Own Back Yard

Lu Stone
-Over or Under? What Would Downtown Northampton Look Like Today if the City had Lost its Five-Year Battle with the Railroads in the 1890's

Wendy Sinton & Diane E. Liebert
-Sojourner Truth in 19th Century Florence

Jane Fleishman
-I’ll Have What They’re Having: Sexuality and Aging

Mirabai Bus
h-Walking Each Other Home; Conversations on Loving and Dying

John Sinton
-A Walk and A Talk: Mill River and its role in the formation of Northampton

Rebecca Spencer
-Sleep on It! Why We Sleep and How to Get More of It

Greg Saulmon & Mark Karpel-
Up in the Air: Adventures in Urban Bird-Watching and Cluster Ballooning

Nina Kleinberg
-The Making of Casablanca: Film School in 90 Minutes

Brad Crenshaw
-Aging and Memory

Steve Herrell
-Ice Cream and Me